The Time I Have Left

I’ve spent my entire life thinking about my “Spiritual Journey,” and I am done with it.

I’m tired of the one sided conversations called prayer.  I’m tired of pointless doctpocket-watchrinal debates over sin, predestination, the afterlife, the trinity, and whether dinosaurs really existed.  I’m tired of free floating guilt.  And I’m exhausted with the pointless, boring church services and managing pointless, wasteful church endeavors

I have other plans for the life  I have left.  I’m going to fill it with tasty food, good movies, brilliant books, interesting people, wonderful music, dazzling sights, and great sex.

I also want to be a good friend.

For fun, I’ll razz televangelists, TV Wrestling, and Donald Trump.


3 thoughts on “The Time I Have Left

  1. It sounds like a manifesto to me….and one that I am completely on board with. I still feel as though I am on a spiritual journey, more and more as I grow older. Things I have discovered and know to be true:
    1. Almost all forms of faith are saying the same thing, cultures are at different states of evolution.
    2. Man has corrupted and polluted those faiths with impunity.
    3. Even the most fervorant of “believers” are beset with confusion.
    4. In the end, every thing will be okay.
    5. Great sex feels spiritual.

    That’s it.
    Doth H.


  2. At the risk of sounding like
    too much of a jerk…..I know it is. It isn’t faith, it is bone deep certainty. Anytime through my life I have doubted this truth, I have come to realize upon reflection that my vision was too narrow. Not that it doesn’t keep me from experiencing massive bouts of anxiety for myself and my loved ones, because that is just self preservation……things working out for me in the world, doesn’t mean that the universe is unfolding as it should.

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